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How Much Money Will You Save by Going Solar?

Adding a home solar energy system will save the average Colorado homeowner nearly sixty thousand dollars. Discover how much money you can save with a free Solar Savings Estimate.

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Why Switch to Solar Power?

Cash Rebates

Benefit from a Generous Federal Tax Credit and Other Local Incentives

All solar energy system purchases qualify for a generous federal tax credit — 26% for 2020 installations and 22% for 2021 installations. That works out to up to $13,000+ cash back. Additionally, renewable energy systems purchased in the State of Colorado are exempt from state, RTD and SCFD sales taxes. Colorado homeowners are also exempt from property taxes related to the increased home value from adding solar panels. With the federal solar tax credit reducing at the end of this year and utility incentives slowly being phased out, there will never be a better time to install solar panels for your home. Contact us for a free consultation and energy saving analysis, we’ll help you take advantage of any rebates and incentives you are eligible for.

Lower Bills

Eliminate or Drastically Reduce Your Electric Bill

Colorado homeowners save thousands of dollars on energy savings alone when they switch to solar. Colorado residential utility electricity rates have increased more than 65% over the last 15 years and continue to rise. By installing a solar power system most homeowners are able to completely eliminate or drastically reduce their monthly electric bill. Our high-quality, high-efficiency solar panels include a 25-year manufacturer warranty, although they will likely generate a good amount of electricity 30-40 years down the line. The average Colorado homeowners get a return on their solar investment in 5-10 years; this leaves those who install solar on their home 20+ years of living without energy bills. Many homeowners save upwards of $80,000 over the life of their solar system.

Charge your electric vehicle with free electricity generated from your solar system and realize even greater monthly savings when you never have to pay for gasoline again.

Get a customized solar savings estimate and discover how much you can save when you eliminate your electricity bill.

Make Money

Receive a Monthly Payment from Your Utility Company

You can make money off your solar panel system and receive a monthly payment based on the amount of energy your solar system produces. Colorado state law requires utility companies to offer their customers net metering, which means you will receive credit for each excess kilowatt hour you export to the grid. Averaging 300 days of sunshine annually, Colorado is an ideal location to capitalize on the free energy provided by solar rays. During the day, your solar panels will most likely generate more power than you use. Net metering allows your utility company to purchase this extra energy and either pay you or give you credit on your electric bill for when you need energy from the grid.

Be Prepared

Access to Reliable Energy During Blackouts

Modern solar technology provides customers with consistent, dependable, and reliable energy. Battery backup turns your solar panel system into an energy source during blackouts. A grid-tied solar setup with a battery backup is more reliable, safe, and sustainable than generators or utility providers and solar panels require little maintenance overall. Our high-quality, high-efficiency solar modules are designed, engineered and assembled in the United States. We are passionate about providing state-of-the-art solar technology that is guaranteed to last.

Higher Home Value

Increase the Property Value of Your House

Research shows that homes equipped with solar energy systems have a higher property value and sell more quickly than equivalent homes without solar. A study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) concluded that homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more money. U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that the sales price of the average home increased $17,000 with solar panels. Probably the most telling for the Denver metro area was a study published by The Colorado Energy Office tailored to the residential home market on the Front Range. This study found that homes appreciate in value by up to $2,600 per kilowatt when a solar system is installed.

solar power is good for the environment - grapic with globe and trees

Good For the Environment

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint & Environmental Impact

We know that the majority of homeowners choose to go solar because it makes good sense from a financial point of view. That being said, the environmental benefits are also clearly worth mentioning. Solar energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy. Solar systems help eliminate carbon emissions, air pollution, ocean pollution, and habitat destruction. The average residential solar system offsets about 100,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide in 20 years – the equivalent of driving a car for 100,000 miles. By installing solar panels, you will be reducing your carbon footprint and reducing our dependency on fossil fuels, benefiting the environment and our community.

Why Choose
Rocky Mountain Solar Services

How Our Process Works

Rocky Mountain Service Professionals is one of the fastest growing solar energy companies in the Denver area. Our professional staff will guide you through the solar design and installation process to maximize your energy efficiency and savings. A skilled solar technician will provide you with a custom photovoltaic (PV) solar system design, proposal and energy saving analysis and answer all your questions on battery backups, solar rebates and incentives, solar savings, system specs, and installation, making sure you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

Calculate Savings

Our process makes "going solar" easy and straight-forward. To get started, give us a call at 303-961-6719. We'll ask some simple questions about your location, and current utility costs, and give you an estimate of your savings. Most Colorado homeowners can save thousands of dollars by switching to solar power.

Free On-Site Solar Evaluation

A solar professional will visit your home or business to thoroughly evaluate your energy needs and answer any questions. After the visit you will receive a customized Solar Energy Evaluation & Savings Proposal.

Solar System Design

Our professional solar team will create a custom photovoltaic (PV) solar system design for you, engineering specifications to fit your solar energy needs. We will guide you through the permitting process and make sure you are eligible for solar rebates and incentives available in the Denver area.

Solar System Installation

Your complete home energy system will be installed by our skilled solar technicians, then your system will be connected to your local utility company, and you'll be all set to begin realizing your solar savings, and lowering your carbon footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about solar energy? Following are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Have another question that's not covered here? Our master solar technicians would be happy to answer all of your solar and energy questions during a free solar consultation.

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